28-29 February 2012,
Tackling the challenge of implementing clinical trials.

Clinical Trials in Diabetes is the first and only event which tackles the operational challenges of implementing clinical trials in diabetes.

The conference focuses on the hottest topics such as patient recruitment & retention in a fiercely competitive market, adhering to complex and ever-changing regulations and successfully running trials in new and emerging markets.

Conference Highlights

  • Case studies from Novo Nordisk and Astrazeneca on successful clinical trial roll out
  • Essential insight on resolving issues surrounding patient selection
  • Discuss innovative technologies to overcome patient recruitment & retention challenges
  • Critical insights on the ever changing regulations for drug approvals
  • Strategies for effective communication with key stakeholders for diabetes research and trial implementation
  • Top speakers with a wealth of experience in the clinical trials
  • Diabetes Research Network highlights matching of diabetes patients with suitable trials
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