Obsidian Retreat has been featured in the Mail on Sunday and The Times and has a growing reputation for its work in the obesity and diabetes fields.

On arrival you are assessed by the on site nurse and a diet and exercise program is designed to meet your needs.

You take part in their unique four-part program of diet, exercise, education and mind-set.

The meals all healthy nutritious plant based (vegan) and served buffet style where you can eat as much as you want.

The average weight loss is 1.1 pound a day (for those who want to lose weight) and the majority of the type 2 diabetics who attend the retreat leave with either reduced or are off all diabetic medication.

How can the Obsidian Retreat benefit me?

Lawrence Farrow (39) from Ipswich was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he was told that he would be on medication for life. He had suffered with pituitary cancer and the medication had led to him putting on 6 stone in weight in a short time.

  • Today, Lawrence is 2 stone lighter , off all diabetes medication and his latest HbA1c reading is 6.2. See the video for Lawrence's own opinion.

Stephen Outram (pictured) from Tralee in Ireland was told his type 2 diabetes was getting so out of control they were going to put him on insulin.

This would mean that he could no longer continue his beloved job as a coach driver for a tour company.

Today, Stephen is 1 ½ stone lighter , off all medication (diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol) and still loving his job.

Penny Yates (58) from Lancashire was told that insulin was inevitable for her type 2 diabetes as her tablet medication was no longer effective.

Today, Penny is 17 pounds lighter and off all diabetic medication. She intends to lose more weight and start living her life again.

All three of these along with hundreds of others have visited Obsidian Retreat on the Costa Blancan, Spain to learn how to control their diabetes through diet and lifestyle changes.

The program is also suitable for type 1 diabetics where the aim is to help them control their condition and where appropriate reduce medication levels.

All results (only with your permission) are communicated back to your GP.

Obsidian Retreat is not a miracle centre, it uses a scientific approach to help you to understand your condition and enable you to take control of it for the future.

When can I visit Obsidian Retreat?

Prices start from only £425 for 7 nights all inclusive of meals, classes and even includes transport to and from Alicante Airport (flights not included).

The retreat is held in a 26 bedroom former 3 star hotel with swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gymnasium, sauna and large grounds with views of the mountains and the Mediterranean sea only a few miles away.


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