Living with Diabetes

Diabetes iPhone Apps and Android Apps

Diabetes Apps are available on both iPhone and Android phones to assist in diabetes management

Apps typically log blood glucose readings – although some allow you to log carbs, food, medication, weight and more.

Diabetes apps tend to vary from being completely free up to just over £5.

Which diabetes app should I use?

Before delving into an app store on your iPad, iPod or iPhone – or the App Market on Android, have a think about how you’d like the app to help you.

Do you want an all singing, all dancing app, or do you need the app to serve one particular need? For example, do you only want to log your blood glucose readings – or would you also like a food and carbohydrate diary too?

Beware of US vs UK units

A potential ‘pit trap’ of diabetes iPhone apps is that a number of them may only be compatible with US blood sugar measurement units

Be sure to check the descriptions and screenshots to see if the app gets the units right for you (mmol/L for UK, mg/dL for US).

Top Diabetes Apps
The top diabetes iPhone and Android apps – as chosen by the community
Carbs & Cals
Available on: iPhone (all iOS devices)
Price: £3.99
I’d highly recommend the Carbs and Cals app. I bought it and I use it every single day just about. Has all the pictures that the book has, 1200 of them. Great food database, but you can add your own foods too if it doesn’t contain ones you want to store on it – redrevis | Get this app
Glucose Buddy
Available on: iPhone (all iOS devices)
Price: £3.99
I use glucose buddy – excellent app for recording BG, insulin, food and exercise. It does become a little slugish to open when there are a few logs in though – jameshallam | Get this app
DAFNE Online
Available on: iPhone (all iOS devices)
Price: FREE
DAFNE Online is a support network for people with Type 1 Diabetes who have attended the Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating course – providing news, forums, carbohydrate lists and an online blood glucose diary – MegaMan | Get this app
Insulin Dose Calculator Pro
Available on: iPhone (all iOS devices)
Price: £1.19
I’m using one that is called Insulin Dose Calculator Pro at the moment. It does cost 1.79 but I’m really liking it so far. It lets you set different carbohydrate ratios and correction factors for morning, afternoon and evening. You can also set a max dose of insulin that you never want to go over – Levy | Get this app
Carbs and Cals
On Track
Available on: Android
Price: FREE
I’ve recently bought an android phone and after reading about it here have downloaded ‘On Track’ which is brilliant makes records just about everything, I just record bg and bp, and it displays some neat graphs – Sid Bonkers

Which features do you want in a diabetes iPhone app?

Do you wish to have any of the following?

  • Graphs displaying the blood glucose figures – or graphs displaying these plus food and medication
  • A basic or a detailed table of results
  • Figures and entries presented as a chronological list
  • The ability to email the results as a spreadsheet
  • Suggestions from the App – food choices or health information

There are many more features available as well. Have a good look around the app store to see what is available.

Paid for diabetic phone apps

A number of the paid for apps have a lite or trial version available for free, which are a good way to test whether you like the feel and ease of use of the app before buying the full version.

If you do not require more detail or the extra features, you may decide to stick with the lite version.

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