Not so long ago, an application for life insurance would be subject to a world where only a small number of providers had the knowledge and ability to offer you the protection you needed.

Typically, it would also be relatively expensive too compared to non-diabetic cover.

However, as awareness of diabetes amongst the public has increased, so too the philosophy of the insurance industry has evolved. Today there are many more options than even two years ago, meaning there’s a real chance you could save a significant amount of money every month by having your life insurance reviewed as providers compete to move into the diabetic insurance sphere.

For those with good diabetic control, a significant saving is highly probable outcome – but such is size of the shift described above, these savings are also possible for those of us that don’t quite have the level of control we’d like.

All in all, if you took your policy out before 2022, we would strongly urge you to consider a review as the increase in interest rates has an effect on premium prices.

It’s a free, no obligation service and a real opportunity to bring your cover in line with these updated underwriting views.

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