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Hypo-Fit Hypo Syrup Treatment

Hypo-Fit Hypo Syrup Treatment

Product guide written by Diabetes Expert: Sue Marshall

Hypo-Fit Hypo Syrup Treatment
Hypo Syrup

Coming in flat, robust packets, Hypo-Fit Hypo Treatment syrup that combines glucose, sucrose and fructose in one delivery.

This means that a low blood sugar can be quickly and effectively addressed.

The combination means less of a sugar ‘spike’ so that post-hypo you’re not left with a huge high to handle.

These sachets are easy to carry around – they come in packs of 12 and there’s a little carry-case called a Brill box, which you can also purchase which will fit two or three sachets in.

They come in a choice of flavours.

More Information: Hypo-Fit

  • Available from Arctic Medical

One of the things that those of us with diabetes (especially those of us on insulin) are familiar with is having a hypo. There are many different ways to treat a hypo. You can use anything from sugar to hot milk with honey in it and all sorts of things! There are some products specifically out there for handling a diabetic hypoglycemic attack.

The benefits of them is that they’re a pure form of sugar, they tend to tell you what the content is, as well. You know how much you’re putting in to address the hypo. They’ve addresses the problem of being able to carry the item around with you so no matter where you are you have something at hand to help get rid of your hypo.

This product is Hypofit and comes in packs of 12 – and there’s little sachets. As it says on the packet, there’s 13g of carbohydrate in here so just rip it open and stick it down your neck. It’s a thick fluid. 13g of carbohydrate is going to signficantly help anyone out of a hypo. You may need to take two.

You can also get a brill box with this product. You can get 2 or 3 sachets in there. One of the things about the composition of Hypofit is that it comes with 3 types of sugar in it – glucose, fructose and sucrose as well as water and flavouring. It comes in 3 different flavours although most people will go for orange.

The point of the 3 sugars is that they all have a slightly different absorbency rate. So one gets cracking pretty quickly, the other later and the third after that. It helps to address your hypo in a measured way. It certainly helps you immediately but gives more delivery over time. Some people may want to consider having a biscuit or something else as soon as they can. With a lot of hypos you need to make sure you’re covered for the next couple of hours as well.

Hi, I actually wrote this listing and I have to admit that I somehow put in saccharine instead of sucrose – my mistake! Apologies for the confusion caused. There certainly is NO saccharine in Hypo-fit. Sue
Posted by Fergus, Brighton on Friday, July 23, 2010
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