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IME Fine Pen Needles

IME Fine Pen Needles


The IME range of pen needles (IME-DC) comes in a variety of lengths and widths to suit all body types and fits most insulin injection pens.

From 12mm to 8mm and down to 6mm, the needle length you choose is likely to be dictated by your size, children being likely to benefit from the shorter 6mm size.

Range of needle sizes

This shorter needle (6mm) only comes in the smaller gauge of 31G (0,25mm) but the 8mm gives choice of 29G (0,33) and the 31G. The longer 12mm only comes in 29G. As it is a bit longer, the larger gauge may be for strength (no one’s going to want a snapped needle, are they?).

Where can I buy IME-Fine Pen Needles?

Buy IME-Fine Pen Needles in the Diabetes Shop:

Pressurising insulin

The longer the needle is, the harder it is to ‘pressurize’ the insulin through; so it needs a bigger hole down the middle. If you require a higher flow of insulin (if you take quite big doses at a time), then the 29G might prove more comfortable.

Despite the number ‘29’ not looking a lot different from ‘31’, the difference between the gauges does allow for greater flow.

Fits on most insulin injection pens

The range fits on most insulin injection pens, certainly all the Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly pens (Novopens and Humapens ).

The lancet point and silicone coating of the needles minimize pain on injection and the screw thread and protective cap are easy to use, averting accidental pricks.

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