Product guide written by Diabetes Expert: Sue Marshall

Eli Lilly HumaPen Insulin Pen
HumaPen Memoir

Eli Lilly

Eli Lilly HumaPen Memoir is an insulin pen with a memory, recording the date, time, and amount of your last 16 doses (including priming doses).

For those of us who’ve ever stopped dead in our tracks and thought, ‘Did I give myself an injection with dinner?’, and have no recall whatsoever of whether you did or not, then the HumaPen Memoir might well come to your aid.

From insulin producer Lilly

Made by insulin producer Lilly, it is pen that takes only Humalog insulin 3mL insulin cartridges, so you may need to consider your options as to changing the insulin you are on should you fancy using this pen.

We all have our ‘blonde’ or ‘senior’ moments – or are just plain forgetful or ditzy, but if seeing exactly when and how much insulin you last took would help you look after your diabetes better then maybe talk to your healthcare advisor.

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