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Novo Nordisk

NovoFine needles from Novo Nordisk are among the shortest and thinnest insulin pen needles available.

NovoFine short needles offer a safe, effective insulin delivery , and Extra Thin Wall Technology improves insulin flow for a more comfortable injection. NovoFine are designed for use with Novo Nordisk insulin delivery pens, such as the NovoPen

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Ensure you buy NovoFine from reputable sources

In 2009, Novo Nordisk released a statement regarding counterfeit Novo Nordisk needles in the UK market, so please ensure you buy your NovoFine needles from a reputable retailer.

Range of NovoFine needle sizes

NovoFine needles come in the following sizes: 12mm x 28G; 6mm x 31G, 8mm x 30G.

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