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Novo Nordisk Novopen
NovoPen 4

Novo Nordisk

When the original NovoPen came out a couple of decades ago it really broke the mould. The new NovoPen 4 from Novo Nordisk is even better.

Setting the standard for Insulin Pens

Generally acknowledged as a bit of a design classic, the ‘pen’ meant that many diabetics left disposable syringes behind in favour of the less medical looking insulin delivery device which used disposable needles as well as disposable insulin cartridges.

The NovoPen 4 comes in 2 colours:

Almost unbreakable

Virtually unbreakable, the insulin pen is built with an incredibly tough, high quality metal construction and uses standard Novo Penfill 3ml cartridges with the full range of Novo insulins available.

If you (or your child) need help injecting these pens can be used with the Novo PenMate , which can make injections easier.

NovoPen 4

The NovoPen 4 is to date the latest version of the NovoPen. It is arguably one of the most attractive insulin pens on the market and is available in either metallic blue or silver.

The NovoPen has a useful feature in that it won’t let you dial up more insulin than is left in the cartridge, which can prevent the need to inject twice for one dose when an insulin cartridge is running out.

NovoPen Junior

The Novopen Junior is a modern variant, which although aimed a children and young adults, is used by plency of adults as well. It’s capable of delivering highly accurate doses and can fine tune small doses with half-unit dose increments on a sound mechanical system.

More information

  • Available on prescription
  • For more information call Novo Nordisk on 0845 6005055

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