Diabetic socks are socks aimed at people with diabetes. Quite often, diabetic socks are designed without seams in order to reduce the chance of blistering.

In addition, diabetic socks may also be designed to control moisture in order to reduce risk of fungal infection or with cushioning to prevent foot ulcers Good skin care and foot care is essential. Foot ulcers affect as many as 10% of people with diabetes.

Ideal socks for people with diabetes

The ideal socks for people with diabetes will have the following features:

  • Non-elasticated cuffs
  • No prominent seams
  • Keep in warmth (particularly for winter use)
  • Allow feet to breathe and sweat to dry out (particularly for summer use)

Keeping feet warm

Keeping feet warm can help to improve blood circulation which is beneficial for the skin and the health of nerves in the feet. Socks play an important role in keeping feet warm and some socks may be designed specifically to keep feet warmer and to improve circulation.

If your feet are regularly cold, you may benefit from wearing 2 pairs of socks at a time, or socks over stockings. Note that it’s better not to wear 2 pairs of socks if they cause shoes to fit too tightly.

What are diabetic socks?

As with diabetic food, there are no strict guidelines as when the term diabetic can be used with regard to socks which means that it’s better to look at the merits of the sock rather than rely on the label ‘diabetic’ as a measure of suitability.

Protect it socks

Protect iT Socks

A new sock brought to the UK by Reed Medical could help prevent these problems developing – reducing the risk of amputation – and is recommended by the Vice Chairman of SOCAP.

The PROTECT iT™ sock is a unique design from Switzerland that acts as a second skin and uses the latest technology to:

  • Battle bacteria
  • Eliminate friction
  • Protect sore-prone areas
  • Support arches
  • Wick away moisture
  • Regulate temperature
Skinnies Socks

Reflexa Diabetic Socks

Reflexa’s Diabetic Socks can help you prevent complications of diabetic foot as they contain a new synthetic yarn called Celliant.

Celliant has been clinically proven to relieve pain, promote quicker wound healing, improve sleep quality, heighten athletic performance and help to regulate body temperature.

These revolutionary fibres are woven into the sock to help increase blood oxygen levels while retaining heat to keep feet warm.

They also feature a flat toe seam (i.e. are seam-free) and do not feature binding.

Skinnies Socks

Skinnies Socks

Skinnies socks are classified as a class 1 medical device Skinnies Therapeutic Socks has specialist composite yarn used to absorb some moisture while helping retention of emollients and creams to effectively hydrate the skin.

Its properties are such that it also removes any allergenic elements of its construction away from contact with your skin while keeping the foot safe and clean.

Skinnies Therapeutic socks are 86% Viscose, 11% Nylon & 3% Elastane and do not restrict blood flow, relieve tired feet and aching legs and give protection for your toes. Featuring a low powered stretch, with no actual compression of the foot, they do stay in place despite having seam-free technology.

This removes the risk of blisters and calluses and the sock also has no tight rib on the top edge.

Skinnies Socks

Silver Socks

Do you suffer with cold feet? If so silver socks could be a dream come true, as they have been proven to help keep the feet warm.

They are a specialist medical product made with safe and natural pure silver, which minimises heat loss by actively reflecting the body’s energy back to the skin. Silver has one of lowest radiant heat loss rates and therefore keeps warmth longer. The socks have been adapted to include added benefits for diabetics.

The diabetic silver socks have extra technical soft tops and a low compression effect, which is created by the silver and not by pressure from elastane or rubber. They are therefore ideal for those with either a diabetic condition with thin diabetic skin or for people with bad surface varicose veins, which may have become swollen or itchy when using conventional socks.

Skinnies Socks

Silver Knit Comfort Socks

Silver Knit Comfort Socks are made in the USA and included Teflon-reinforced yarn which is used in the heel and toe areas which reduces friction against the skin as well as maximizing the durability of the sock.

The flat toe seam (also described as ‘seam-free’) makes for extra comfort – no seams, no chafing!

They’re called Silver Knit as they utilise anti-microbial Silver Knit thread that can reduce foot odour. The socks also have a knit-top that stays up without binding or leaving marks.

Will diabetic socks prevent me from getting diabetic foot?

Whilst a good choice of socks doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get diabetic foot complications, it can help to reduce the risks.

Choosing shoes that fit well, keeping blood glucose levels under control and ensuring you check your feet for signs of damage or changes will each also help to improve your chances of avoiding foot complications.

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