Valentines is a bit of a corporate money spinner but it’s also a good chance to spend a bit of time on the person you’re with, or a good excuse to pluck up the courage to ask someone you wish to be with.

Enjoy your Valentines Day and remember that as someone with diabetes, you’re naturally a little sweeter than most!

Valentines, diabetes and chocolate

As a diabetic, the last thing you may want is chocolate but not all chocolate is created equal, with some being better than others.

If your partner is diabetic , look for chocolates with a higher content of cocoa solids and relatively low amounts of sugar and fat.

A smaller quantity of better quality chocolate is a better pick than larger quantities of lower quality. Diabetic chocolate can be hit and miss.

Diabetic food

The general opinion amongst those with diabetics is that diabetic foods are generally a miss.

If in doubt, aim to pick non-diabetic chocolate with a lower carbohydrate content.

Enjoy a full flavour meal

Possibly better than chocolate is a good flavourful meal.

A good selection of fresh herbs and spices is a great way to enhance a meal as well as providing extra nutritional value, making them a better choice than salt and sugars.

Search our recipes for ideas and feel free to augment with the flavours.

Diabetes and your relationship

Diabetes can affect relationships in a number of ways.

At the very least, it can be just one more thing to think about each day, which in itself that can be tiring over the long term and can therefore impact on your relationship from time to time.

Our diabetes and relationships page runs through some of the ways in which diabetes can impede upon relationships and offers thoughts on how to minimise their impact.

Valentine’s Day sex

In most cases diabetes shouldn’t get in the way of sex but blood sugar levels can surprise us at the worst of times.

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