HbA1c Meters

HbA1c Test Kits: home A1c testing kits

HbA1c Test Kits: home A1c testing kits

Home HbA1c testing kits allow you the chance to get a good idea of your HbA1c level

This can be useful in between getting scheduled HbA1c tests from your doctor.

Note that home HbA1c tests should not be used as a substitute for the tests from your doctor and should be not be used in place of an official diagnosis

How home HbA1c test kits work

Home HbA1c tests can often be carried out within a relatively short space of time.

Most home HbA1c tests require a sample of blood from the finger which is then applied to a solution.

The solution usually requires a small bit of processing, which can vary depending on the kit. The solution may require one or more of the following: shaking, heating or letting to stand. The solution is then applied to a reagent.

The result may be given in different ways depending on the kit.

Some kits provide a numeric result, others may provide a yes or no answer as to whether the HbA1c value is above or below a certain number.

Make sure you read the instructions through carefully before beginning.

Personal A1c
The Personal A1c Diabetes HbA1c Rapid Test Kit allows people to test whether they have sugar levels in a diabetic range.
PTS Diagnostics
A1cNow is a home testing kit for HbA1c. The test requires a drop of blood and allows you to get a good reading of your HbA1c level within a few minutes.
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