Insulin jet injectors are designed for people who find insulin injections uncomfortable or unsettling in any way.

Jet injectors are designed to send a fine spray of insulin through the skin using a high-pressure air mechanism.

Insulin jet injectors are the perfect solution for those people that are afraid of needles.

However, this product remains relatively rare and hard to get hold of, and also needs to be regularly boiled and sterilized to stay hygienic.

Insulin Jet Injectors

The following insulin jet injectors aids are available.

Insulin Jet Injector Capacity Description
0.5 – 50 units in 1/2
unit increments
Different models are available for children and patients with tough skin
Injex 30
5 – 30 units Used with disposable ampoule
Medi-Jector EZ
(Medi-Ject Corp)
2 – 50 units in 1/2
unit increments
Children’s model are also available
Vitajet 3
(Bioject Corp)
2 – 50 units in 1/2
unit increments
Disposable model

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