Vitrix Sterilance Press
Vitrix Sterilance Press


Delphis Medical Limited specialise in blood lancets and have a range of blood lancet products in the UK. Vitrex Sterilance Press is the newest.

It comes pre-loaded, button operated and has high-speed penetratio, all of which ensure a good blood sample every time.

Sterilised using gamma radiation

There are a number of variations of Sterilance Press, including the Vitrex Sterilance Lite which has been sterilised using gamma radiation.

The needle is fully shielded before and after use (so it can’t be re-used and there are no accidental finger-pricks), and being extremely sharp it’s comfortable to use with minimum pain.

Vitrex Steriheel Baby is a blood safety lancet especially designed for neo-natal and premature babies.

However, it can also be recommended for other applications where short penetration depth and/or minimal compression of tissue is required.

Product guide written by Diabetes Expert: Sue Marshall

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