Diabetes and School

Not all of your friends and teachers at school will know as much as you do about diabetes so you should let your school know and be prepared for when you're at school.

  • Your school should help you with diabetes. You should have a safe place to keep emergency insulin, and your school should give you somewhere private to test blood glucose and use insulin injections.
  • Your school may need to understand diabetes themselves, and they might even ask you questions about it. Doctors and nurses can tell your school more about diabetes.
  • Young people with diabetes should be able to eat snacks, whether they are in the middle of a lesson or not.
  • Young people with diabetes should be allowed to go to the toilet whenever they need to, without any questions.
  • People in the school should know how to recognise and treat hypoglycaemia.
  • Taking part in sports or gym should be possible, but adequate precautions should be taken and blood glucose levels should be monitored.
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New words to remember:
Emergency insulin, test blood glucose in private, eat snacks, toilet pass, treat hypoglycaemia

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Children and diabetes

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