Specialist Life Insurance for Diabetics

by 4 August 2005
If you have diabetes, and have been turned down for life insurance, then there is a specialist web site that can help you. can give you an instant quotation. They can connect you to insurance companies that specialise in diabetic life insurance and critical illnesses cover for diabetics.
As they are specialists, they tailor their online service to your specifications, incorporating other factors, such as, gender, age and medical history (taking into account and other conditions you suffer, or have suffered with). offers an independent service and searches the market for the most competitive quote.
There are substantial differences in the cost from leading UK companies and ensure that you get the best going.
There are several companies out there that offer life insurance policies for diabetics, and for this reason we strongly advise you, not to accept the first quote you get.
Compare costs from a few insurers so that you can get the best cover, at the most suitable price for you.
For more information on diabetic insurance, go to, dedicated to diabetics finding life insurance that suits their needs.

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