DAFNE popular in Irish diabetes treatment

DAFNE is a groundbreaking approach to the treatment of diabetes, that is gaining in popularity wherever it has been introduced. The main reason for the popularity of the programme is the fact that it preserves the freedom to eat what you want, as a sufferer of diabetes.
Ireland, like much of the rest of the world, is suffering from increased rates of obesity. The clear, proven links between obesity and type 2 diabetes mean that the incidence of diabetes in Ireland is also likely to soar. The Diabetes federation of Ireland estimate that 200,000 people suffer from the disease in Ireland, whilst the same again have it but are unaware. Pre-diabetes could account for a further 250,000 sufferers.
DAFNE stands for Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating. It was developed in Germany, and has been refined continuously throughout the UK. The aim of the programme is to see the rigours of diabetes and the diabetic diet from a patient’s perspective. The freedoms that DAFNE promotes, in terms of diet, are proving it extremely popular.
DAFNE educates sufferers on the methods by which they should adjust insulin when considering the amount of carbohydrates consumed. This in theory allows programme subscribers to eat according to their lifestyle and preferred food.

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