Diabetes can cause numerous health problems.
The most important health impacts of type 2 diabetes are the long-term complications it can cause. Most of these health problems are related to the effects of type 2 diabetes on arteries or nerves.
Type 2 diabetes causes damage to both large and small arteries. This artery damage results in medical problems that are both common and serious:
Type 2 diabetics have two to four times the risk of dying from heart disease as non diabetics. A middle-aged type 2 diabetic has the same high heart-attack risk a non diabetic who already has had a heart attack. They are more likely than non-diabetics to die if they have a heart attack, and more likely to have repeat heart attacks.
Type 2 diabetics have two to four times the risk of stroke as people without diabetes.
More than half of the amputations done in the United States are a consequence of diabetes. Usually, the need for an amputation occurs because of damage to the peripheral arteries (arteries to the legs). Poor circulation from artery damage also causes open skin sores and infections.
About 40% of all people who need to start dialysis have kidney failure from diabetes. (Only 4%-6% of all type 2 diabetes patients end up requiring dialysis, although about 20%to 30% of people with type 2 diabetes will develop at least some kidney damage.)
Diabetes damages the eye by injuring small blood vessels in the retina. It is the most common cause of blindness that starts between ages 20 and 74.
These artery problems are the most serious consequences of type 2 diabetes. Why does diabetes lead to artery damage? Part of the answer is that diabetes usually occurs in the company of other diseases that place the heart and arteries at risk. People with diabetes are more likely than other people to develop high blood pressure, obesity and high cholesterol.
When several heart- or artery-health risks occur together in one person, they present a powerful health threat and are known as the metabolic syndrome. If you are aggressive in treating each risk factor from the metabolic syndromen, you can greatly reduce your risk of heart attack and other problems caused by artery injury.
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