Programme Reveals Diabetes Risk

There are 18m plus diabetics, with plenty of others at risk, and a new online programme can clearly inform you of your chances of developing the disease.
The Diabetes PHD is an interactive program that reveals your risk of developing the disease, as well as the health problems associated with diabetes. It also offers tips for reducing the risk.
The new interactive Web site from the American Diabetes Association teaches people a lot about their health.
“The Diabetes PHD is a new program … that you can use from your computer at home to check out your risk for diabetes and your risk for complications from diabetes, including heart disease and strokes,” said Dr. Michelle Magee, director of the MedStar Diabetes Institute at Washington Hospital Center in Washingto, D.C.
Users of the web site answer questions about things like their weight, cholesterol and history of diabetes in their family. After submitting the health profile, the user receives a chart showing their risks and information about ways to reduce those risks. The programme also allows users to change information to see the impact of making changes like losing weight.
“Everybody needs to know that this is a disease where if you can live well and have a healthy lifestyle, you are really protecting yourself from the long-term complications,” Magee said.
Many diabetics once diagnosed say with type 2 diabetes, upon diagnosis, improve their diet and start working out.
The test takes a few minutes, and anyone can take it.

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