Diabetes in Expectant Women Can Lead to Stillbirth

Babies borne by women with diabetes are almost five times more likely sadly to be stillborn. They are also almost three times likelier to within their first month, states a British study on diabetic expectant women.
The Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health (CEMACH) study also discovered that babies born to diabetic mothers are nearly twice as likely to have major congenital malformations, BBC News reported.
Out of 2,356 babies born to women with gestational diabetes over a year, 63 were stillbirths and another 22 babies died before they reached a month.
The study also found that pregnant women with diabetes had higher-than-normal rates of Cesarean section and pre-term delivery, BBC News reported.
Diabetes affects about one in every 250 pregnancies and is the most common complication of pregnancy, the researchers said.
“The evidence is that type 2 diabetes is becoming more common and, contrary to what many people have believed, is just as likely to lead to a baby’s death or a malformation as if the mother as type 1 diabetes.”

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