Camp Najeeda Helps Diabetics in Louisiana

A Stillwater camp which helps children deal with diabetes sent 15 boxes of insulin and related supplies yestreday to Louisiana for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina.
Camp Nejeda obtains insulin at source from manufacturers for the annual camp it hosts for children affected by diabetes. The camp deals with 300+ children per year and enables them to live with diabetes.
Ater hearing about the sorry state of the hurricane survivors and realizing that many of them lack medical supplies, camp officials mad e a decision to dispatch the insulin to those in need of it down South.
A contact at a public tv channel programme about people with diabetes enabled camp Executive Director, Philip De Rea, to get in touch with the health clinic, which is happy to take the shipment. Even diabetics in Louisiana who succeeded in grabbing their insulin upon evacuation may have supplies which are no longer any good due to lack of refrigeration.

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