Diabetes Kills Silently

Diabetes is killing hordes of people in Ghana, turning it into a huge abattoir, with people being served death notices, or being warned to give up a limb or die
World health experts have declared diabetes as the biggest health challenge this century. Each year 82,000 people lose their legs or foot. There are two types of diabetes that is type one diabetes and type two diabetes.
The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that diabetes accounts for 5% of all disease internationally.
Of the 5% who are diabetic, half are adults. It is predicted that adult diabetes will double globally from the present 143 million in the 21st century.
There are 18.2 million diabetics in the USA today and diabetes is ranked as the fifth most dangerous national disease.
According to the American Diabetes Association 9% of American women have diabetes.
In Ghana 6% of 20-70 year olds are suffering from diabetes, with another 12% in the “pre-diabetes stage”.
It would be advisable for Ghanaians to exercise regularly and eat properly in order ensure the country has far fewer of such needless deaths.

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