Finger Nails Can Be Diabetes Tell Tale Sign

It’s difficult enough diagnosing illnesses.
Nonetheless the nails are a tell tale sign reflecting a range of health problems. They are a trigger for diagnosis of skin ailments right through to chronic diseases.
They say the eyes are the windows to your soul. Well then one’s nails must be the windows to one’s health.
So nails change over time?
Dr. Elizabeth Salada ensures that she checks her patients’ nails on a routine basis as part of the patient’s routine medical examinations.
“Lots of common diseases can present themselves through the appearance of your nails.”
The normal, typical healthy nail is quite pink, flat and even in colour.

“You always want to be aware of any changes of shape in the nail, thickness, consistency looking at the surface the color of the nail, whether the nail is separated for the nail bed.”
If the nails are half-white and half-pink this could indicate kidney problems.
“If you see nail pits that could indicate the patient has psoriasis one of the skin disorders.”
A slight blush at bottom of the nail is sometimes a symptom of diabetes.

A red nail bed could mean you have heart disease.
“Liver disease can cause nail changes in the way your nails are shaped.”
So please remember that nails cannot paint the entire picture, but a few strokes of the brush.

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