Radio Show to Combat Diabetes

Well what a bonus! Can you believe it – a radio show for Edson area residents to help them combat diabetes.
Dianne Lehman from Edmonton launched, Diabetes Compass Radio, on CJCA 9.30 AM yesterday.
“I just wanted to make a tremendous contribution to my community,” she said.
When her friend died aged mid 30s due to complication with his kidney, it had a tremendous impact on Lehman.

“That’s when I realized the scope of diabetes and the epidemic that it is.”
Diabetes Compass was started as a once in a while programme feature. Yet soon thereafter Lehman made an entire programme for a wide audience.
Over 1,000 Albertans are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes every month.

Edson Community Health Services dietician Joan Carr states that individuals are referred to the health unit daily, for
educational purposes, after being diagnosis that they are diabetic by their doctor.
Education is the primary also the main motivation behind Lehman’s show.
“There are lots of Albertans walking around with diabetes who don’t know it. Or, they’re diagnosed with it but don’t realize the importance of maintaining themselves. They can lose their sight, have heart problems need an amputation.”
Diabetes Compass Radio is a talk show featuring diabetics, research updates and advice from health experts regarding tips on diabetes management.

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