Smoking Linked to Diabetes

Cigarette smokers are doubly likely compared to nonsmokers to get the most common form of diabetes.
A recent report in Diabetes Care has discovered that 5 per cent of smokers who did not have Type 2 diabetes when the study began developed the disease within five years, in contrast with 14 per cent of nonsmokers.
Capri G. Foy, a research associate at Wake Forest University School of Medicine stated that when the results were adjusted to account for other risk factors for diabetes, “smokers still exhibited significantly of being diabetic compared to people who had never smoked.
“These findings suggest another poor health outcome associated with cigarettes, supporting current surgeon general’s warnings against cigarette smoking,” Foy claimed.
Participants included African Americans, Hispanics and Anglos, as well as a 50 per cent split between men and women.
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