Depression not linked to diabetes amongst elderly

Depression amongst the elderly is not strongly related to diabetes and the management of blood sugar levels, according to a new report. The study, carried out by experts in Syracuse, New York at the SUNY upstate university, investigated 1600 elderly diabetic cases. The study is published in medical journal Diabetes Care .
At the outset of the study, a significant link between diabetes control and levels of depression was determined. However, depression was found to not necessarily predict a change in blood sugar control.
The investigators involved in the study drew the conclusion that depression amongst the elderly was not a factor in diabetes control. Depression should therefore not be used as a factor in excluding patients from programs designed to help improve blood sugar management .
One expert involved in the study highlighted the importance of further studies based around other aspects of the diabetes sufferer’s life. These could include diet, exercise and relationships .
The study follows another recent investigation into depression amongst child and adolescent diabetics.

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