New Desang diabetes kitbags for insulin equipment

Recent years have seen a number of new products marketed for use by diabetics. Now, a company called Desang Ltd. Are selling kitbags for diabetic use. Their market is the 2 million plus people living in the UK who have diabetes. The kitbags are designed to make living with diabetes a little bit easier. For every kitbag sold in association with Diabetes UK, the company will also donate £1 to the charity.
The kitbags are made of leather, and offer a ‘practical and professional’ space in which to house the equipment necessary for living with diabetes. They can be a useful organisational tool, either for oneself or a partner or child. Kitbags could also be useful for holidays and travelling, projecting a professional image.
The kitbags come in two different models. The first, or classic, is designed to hold all of the equipment needed to monitor and administer insulin. The slim model is designed to hold everything needed to inject insulin once a day. In the classic model a variety of equipment can be housed, including blood test machine, finger prick, spare sensors and lancets, two insulin pens, pen refills and extra needles, diary and pe, syringes or insulin bottles, and a diabetes ID with space remaining.

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