Eli Lilly initiate joint clinical trial for oral insulin

The market for inhaled insulin is significant. The new delivery method of the drug improves the daily routine of type 1 diabetics and type 2 diabetics who require insulin. Several companies and products are racing to capitalise on the market by providing affordable inhaled insulin systems.
News breaks today that pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, with Alkermes, are initiating a phase III clinical trial. If successful, the trial could allow them to register their novel IIS (inhaled insulin system), known as the AIR system.
The AIR system is based on pulmonary drug delivery technology designed by Alkermes, and uses a simple inhaler as a delivery method. The clinical trial, part of a comprehensive program that has been running for almost a year, will investigate the effects of both AIR and injectable insulin on A1C levels.
The aim of the trials is to establish if the AIR system is as effective as normal insulin injected before a meal. The study group consists of 400 patients who have type 2 diabetes. The efficacy of the system is due to be assessed over the next six months. The safety of the system remains to be see, and will be evaluated over a longer period.

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