Diet is an incredibly important consideration for diabetes sufferers. In order to successfully manage blood sugar levels, patients will need to be aware of what food is good for them, eat the right quantities of it, and take regular exercise . The following is a list of diabetes power foods that have been embraced by experts in the international press . The following foods are sourced from the book ‘Healing Gourmet Eat to Beat Diabetes.’
Apple: Apples are commonly available throughout the UK, and are highly recommended as providing maximum health benefits . Apple peel contains querceti, a flavonoid that has powerful antioxidant effects.
Asparagus: As well as being delicious when it is in seaso, asparagus is a great source of glutathione. This is another antioxidant which has a positive influence on blood sugar levels.
Broccoli: Broccoli also contains querceti, which can benefit diabetes through its antioxidant effects.
Fish: Fish is loaded with health benefits that protect the heart and help to balance the blood sugar levels through the presence of omega-3 fatty acids .
Nuts: Nuts are another diabetes superfood, and are packed with minerals and healthy fats . Nuts will also protect the heart and keep blood sugar balanced.
Orange: Oranges are loaded with nutrients ideal for the fight against diabetes.
Soy: Soy is a great source of protein, and also contains saponins and isoflavones that will help you maintain balanced blood sugar.
Tea: Tea is also beneficial to diabetes as a condition, with catechins and tannin helping to keep blood sugar levels stable.
The above list is by no means comprehensive, and does not constitute a fully balanced diet . The foods could all be incorporated into meal plans for an overall boost of health.

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