UN resolution on diabetes

The United Nations General Assembly have today created a landmark Resolution that finally brings the global threat of the diabetes epidemic to the forefront of policymakers thoughts.
For the first time ever, governments have publicly agreed that diabetes really does pose a serious threat to world health . The news follows on the heels of the International Diabetes Federation’s revelation that the diabetes population will soar in the next twenty years. The IDF will lead the UN campaign, with the aim of highlighting how serious diabetes is, and to encourage action to fight against the epidemic.
The president and chair of the campaign, Professor Martin Silink, said: “Today a key battle has been won in the fight against diabetes. The significance is monumental. It will inspire, energize and empower the diabetes world. People said it couldn’t be done, but only six months since launching our campaign we have achieved our first goal. The struggle will now focus on helping and encouraging governments worldwide to develop national policies to improve diabetes care and prevention. I couldn’t think of a better gift for the millions of families affected by diabetes.”

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