The American Diabetes Association is all set to release a series of adverts that are being described as a ‘targeted and powerful advertising campaign.’
The new adverts are designed to draw attention to the growing diabetes epidemic, and implore Congress to confront diabetes. The adverts are based around a ticking time bomb and the slogan : “Every 21 Seconds Another American is Diagnosed with Diabetes. The Clock is Ticking.” When readers click on the ads, they are directed to a website that displays how Congress could help in the fight against diabetes.
The ADA implore Congress to increase funding at the National Institutes of Health, and also to better fund the Centers for Disease Control and Preventio, following budget cuts or plateaus in recent years. The ADA also call for the passing of the ‘Americans with Disabilities Act Restoration Act,’ to help with employment discrimination. The ADA also sought legislation for embryonic stem cell research.
Larry Deeb, a senior official in the ADA, said: “The 109th Congress failed to provide the leadership necessary to fight the diabetes epidemic – most notably in its substantial under-funding of federal diabetes programs. Every year, diabetes becomes more and more prevalent. As the ads demonstrate, every 21 seconds another American is diagnosed with diabetes. That’s why we are urging Congress to join us and take action before it’s too late.”

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