Cinnamon and diabetes treatment link

Recent examples of cinnamon being used to effectively lower blood sugar levels are being reported from America. Although taking cinnamon on a daily basis does not affect every patient with raised blood sugar levels, for many others it appears to be extremely useful.
Apparently, a growing group of physicians are prescribing cinnamon to their type 2 diabetes patients, and their patients suffering from pre-diabetes. Richard Anderso, an expert at the Human Nutrition Research Centre, originally found that cinnamon helped the efficiency of insuli, with insulin helping the body to metabolise sugar. The active ingredient in cinnamon is apparently methylhydroxy chalcone polymer, which helps to convert glucose into energy. Further studies in Pakista, published at the time in Diabetes Care, found that cinnamon was instrumental in lowering blood sugar levels.
However, other studies have found cinnamon to be ineffective. One expert endocrinologist reportedly stated: Why look for such an agent when we have so many effective ways to control sugar in [type 2 diabetes]?”
Other experts in the middle of the debate called for further research before any conclusions can be drawn. All patients should consult with their physician and GP before self-administering cinnamon.

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