Dairy foods as part of diabetes diet

Finding the perfect diabetes diet can be difficult, with each type of food affecting each individual’s blood sugar levels in different ways. A recent study carried out at the Los Angeles School of Public Health (University of California) examined the relationship between type 2 diabetes and dietary levels of dairy foods and calcium.
The study focused on a group of just over 37,000 women participating in the Women’s Health Study. Of these, 1,603 developed diabetes during average follow-up over the next 10 years.
According to a doctor involved in the study, Dr. Liu: “The most important finding is that women who consumed more low-fat dairy foods tended to experience a lower risk of type 2 diabetes in a period of 10 years.”
The researchers adjusted for potentially confusing factors including family history, physical activity and weight. The study, published in the journal Diabetes Care, indicates that women with the highest intake of dairy foods were 21 per cent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.
Liu concluded: “The message is that low-fat dairy foods can be incorporated into a healthy diet that may lower a woman’s risk of diabetes.” However, further studies are needed before any public health measures can be initiated.

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