Kidney disease also a problem for early onset type 2 diabetes

Recent reports have focused on the increased danger of serious complications and death for those people who develop type 2 diabetes in childhood or adolescence. Further research points towards a greatly increased risk of developing premature end stage kidney disease.
Childhood obesity throughout the world has created innumerable cases of type 2 diabetes, once referred to as adult-onset diabetes, amongst younger people. One of the most severe complications attributed to type 2 diabetes, and one that is almost certain to result in death, is end stage kidney disease.
Researchers from the National Institutes of Health in America have now indicated that age of onset is a crucial influence on end stage kidney disease. Their research was based upon a group of nearly 2,000 young American Indians who suffer from diabetes. 96 developed type 2 diabetes before the age of 20, and were faced with a far higher risk of end stage kidney disease.
The findings are published in the Journal of the American Medical Associatio, and highlight the need for prevention amongst young people.

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