Diabetes food products specifically geared towards diabetic people are under fire from the charity Diabetes UK . The charity is arguing that diabetes foods and drinks are out of date, and good for nothing but encouraging over indulgent eating . The news will clash with some retailers’ aims.
Diabetes UK is urging other shops and supermarkets to follow the lead of the Co-operative group. They have put forward a policy to phase the treats out of their 500 supermarkets and pharmacies over the next few years. Instead, experts claim, patients with the condition should eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and seek a balanced diet with regular exercise .
Diabetes treat foods include low-sugar chocolate and soft drinks, and were introduced in the 1960s when expert opinion dictated a low-carb, sugar-free diet . Foods of this type are sugar-free, and as such are labelled ‘suitable for diabetics.’ Sugar alcohols and bulk sweeteners make the taste sweet, yet the foods are often high in fat . Sweeteners often affect blood glucose levels.
A spokesman for the Co-operative group reportedly said: “advice to people with diabetes has changed in recent years, and the focus is now on making healthy food choices and having a balanced diet – not simply eating special ‘diabetic’ products, which are often very expensive.”

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