Global diabetes figure rising

The three traditional diabetes ‘hotspots’ of the world (India, China, America) show no sign of being displaced. The spread of diabetes worldwide is certainly at an epidemic level, with some experts calling it ‘alarming.’
China and India remain at the head of the table, with an estimated diabetic population of 39 million and 30 million cases respectively. America comes in a close third with over 21 million diabetes sufferers.
The IDF (International Diabetes Federation) has presented new data at the ADA (American Diabetes Association) 66th scientific sessions. The findings indicate that the numbers are not tailing off, and that the next two decades will see a global population of 350 million diabetics .
The IDF called for pro-active measures from all countries, and even asked for a UN resolution to recognise the enormous global burden that diabetes is putting on healthcare resources . The IDF highlighted the lack of awareness, and the shocking death rates . The president-elect reportedly summed up the seriousness of the situation with: “The diabetes epidemic will overwhelm healthcare resources everywhere if governments do not wake up and take action now.”

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