The global diabetes insulin market commands an enormous stream of revenue. Several key companies have made fortunes from insulin, including Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly and GlaxoSmithKline. The enormous companies that head the pharmaceutical industry have earned the nickname ‘big pharma.’ Whilst these companies are secure at the top of the market, other pharmaceutical manufacturers are constantly launching new drugs in attempts to secure a market share.
On Monday, a California based biopharmaceutical corporation called MannKind announced that it had initiated dual phase 3 trials of its new product, Technosphere Insulin. The two studies, a MannKind expert was reported as saying, “will further confirm the safety and efficacy that we have seen to date.” Furthermore, the expert went on to say, “Our prior studies have shown improved glycaemic control in a dose-dependent manner as measured by decreases in HbA1c levels, and by significant reductions in glucose excursions following a meal.”
MannKind is currently sitting on the results from two other, shorter phase 3 trials which have already been conducted. These are Study 101, which ran for three months with type 1 diabetics, and Study 14, which ran for six months with type 2 diabetics.
The new clinical trials will run for 12-months and feature type 1 diabetics. The trials will draw a comparison between Technosphere insulin and another rapid-acting insulin analog.

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