Bahrain experience rise in diabetes rate

Diabetes, now truly a global condition, has soared in Bahrain . A German Professor is reported to have said that Bahrain is second in a list of the ten countries in the world with the greatest concentration of diabetes per capita in the world. The prevalence of diabetes in the country has now hit 13.5 per cent, according to Prof. Neiss, dean of the Media and Health Management faculty at the Europe Fachhschule Fresenius Business, in Weissbade, Germany .
The population of Bahrain have been found to fit the ethnic profile of a high-risk group. Approximately 19.2 million people in the country have diabetes, and this incidence is expected to double by the year 2025. Bahrain was not alone, with UAE, Kuwait and Oman also facing high diabetes prevalence.
The professor highlighted the need to take gestational diabetes seriously in the regio, to avoid more women developing type 2 diabetes. All evidence, she said, points to the need for intervention in the region. As Prof. Neiss reportedly said, “It is time to screen for, and treat, gestational diabetes.”
The fresh evidence from Bahrain comes at a time when diabetes is being recognised as a truly global phenomenum. Recent news has focused on the spread of the disease throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific. It appears that the Gulf is facing a no less serious problem.

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