Marshall islands diabetes program underway

A new diabetes centre is opening in the Marshall Islands, with the overall goal of transforming the health of island people through reversing the effects of diabetes. Called The Diabetes Wellness Centre, it will be sponsored by Canvasback missions and located in Majuro.
Diabetes is a major problem in the Marshall Islands, with an estimated 30 per cent of the native population suffering from the disease. The new centre will endeavour to present new ways to treat, prevent and reverse the effects of diabetes using local resources. Their Diabetes Wellness Program is designed to help, with health education, fitness training, aerobic exercises, nutrition instructio, and demonstrations of how to cook for a healthy diet .
At the same time as aiming to treat the Marshallese, the centre will also study the effects of their lifestyle intervention. Diabetes has spread so rapidly through the Marshall Islands due to poor awareness about unhealthy western food . Canvasback has intervened at the request of the president.

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