New diabetes and cancer therapies revealed

A novel cancer treatment and groundbreaking diabetes research will be unveiled together at a tech transfer conference in Florida . Both treatments will be available for licensing in moves that could speed up the cure process for both diseases
The cancer treatment operates by targeting cancer cells whilst leaving normal healthy cells, whereas the diabetes research displays how mature stem cells can be induced to create new pancreatic islet cells in order to combat diabetes and particularly diabetic retinopathy.
The diabetes treatment could be useful in the prevention of retinopathy and will be revealed by an expert from the University of Florida. Studies on mice and non-human primates have already been carried out for this treatment, and could prevent the approximately 13,000 Americans who go blind due to retinopathy each year. The therapy could improve the quality of life experienced by many diabetes sufferers, according to the ADA.
The tech transfer conference provides scientists and researchers with the opportunity to come together and unveil exciting new findings for the possibility of bringing them to the wider public.

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