Tropical diabetes diagnosed in Vietnam

Tropical diabetes is one form of diabetes mellitus that is usually associated with chronic malnutrition. Although debate exists whether it exists as a separate entity to normal branches of the disease, it is not thought that protein deficiency by itself can cause diabetes. Tropical diabetes has several concentrations throughout the world, with Africa the heart. Vietnam, according to a conference in Hanoi, has also now diagnosed a number of cases caused by malnutrition.
The doctors holding the conference reportedly said that the disease was extremely rare in Vietnam. Experts are still unsure of the exact conditions leading up to the disease, but pre-existing genetic factors, environmental factors, pancreatitis and chronic malnutrition are all thought to be involved.
Diabetes is a growing problem in Vietnam, like so many other areas of the world. Recent news has illustrated that juvenile diabetes is worryingly underreported in the country. The news carries important implications for statistics coming in from this region of the world. Asia is thought to be a major emerging diabetes hotspot, with India and China revealing huge diabetic populations.

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