ADA slated for their diabetes diet views

The American Diabetes Associatio, one of the foremost diabetes charities in the world, have come under criticism in the media this week for their unflinching standpoint on some aspects of the diabetic diet, and their stern refusal to allow those who disagree to take part in their trade shows.
Reports indicate that despite an overall relaxation of ADA dietary approaches (including embracing the low-carb nutritional approach to diabetic diet) the charity continues to be concerned over saturated fats. Some experts would argue that this is rightly so, despite the American Heart Association changing their guidelines earlier this year. The ADA won’t budge from recommending 2g saturated fat as a daily guideline.
Dissenters pointed towards a recent incident at an ADA tradeshow when a well-known sugar-free/low carbohydrate chocolate manufacturer was not allowed to have a booth. This is because of their standpoint and the fact that their products contain saturated fats. Opposition to their view believes they are interpreting research in their own way and are outdated in their approach.
Opinions on diabetes diet have changed enormously over the last ten years, with the general consensus that a normal, balanced diet in moderation and avoiding obvious triggers is the best possible solution.

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