The holiday season is almost upon us. After a long year of hard work, most of the nation is looking forward to nothing more than putting their feet up and eating some good food. However, tucking might be the worst idea possible for one segment of the population. Undiagnosed diabetics who binge eat during the holiday season could do themselves serious harm.
Recent research conducted by experts in America has found that no exercise and excess eating over the Christmas period could even be deadly for diabetic people . Dr. Manisha Chandalia, an American Endocrinologist, likened undiagnosed diabetic people to ‘ticking time bombs.’ Those who did not have medication faced an increased risk of diabetes related complications.
Diabetes symptoms include excess thirst, hunger, sudden weight loss, fatigue, blurred vision and frequent need to urinate. Dr. Chandalia continued: “Various research studies have shown that maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, weight management and regular exercise can prevent the development of diabetes or help control an existing condition.”
She concluded: “Diabetes doesn’t occur just because of eating sugar. Sugar, as any other food, provides excess calories that can lead to obesity and a predisposition to diabetes. If you don’t eat sugar, and continue to eat extra calories from other foods, you may still develop diabetes.”

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