Drug company will continue diabetes trial

Drug company Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc, the inventors of diabetes drugs such as Byetta and Simli, will continue to test the efficiency and safety of new neurohormone treatments for obesity . Furthermore, the company unveiled strong positive results for their drug pramlintide, showing weight loss benefits.

The new studies will combine pramlintide with other naturally occurring hunger control hormones. Amylin have recently submitted an Investigational New Drug Application to the Food and drug Administratio, who evaluate all treatments in America to make sure that they pass certain tests.
The CEO at Amylin, Ginger L. Graham, said: “Amylin’s research is focused on novel peptide hormones and their potential to treat a wide range of complex diseases. This approach has been applied successfully to diabetes with the introduction of Byetta and Symlin. Today we announced a new clinical research program, which applies this scientific strategy to address the global epidemic of obesity.”
Obesity is a truly global epidemic, affecting almost every country in the last decade. Obesity and its negative results are thought to be behind the soaring number of type 2 diabetes cases globally, estimated by the World Health Organisation to hit 350 million by 2025.

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