Avandia has a diabetes drug competitor

A new Novartis drug is set to go head-to-head with top diabetes drug Avandia following the results of a new study .
Apparently the new drug, known as Galvus, is as effective as the GlaxoSmithKline drug Avandia, without the side effects. Galvus has not yet won regulatory approval in the United States and Europen, but the new results from a monotherapy clinical study could aid its progress.
The effective reduction in blood sugar levels was achieved without an overall gain in weight, and with a lower incidence of fluid retention. Insulin sensitisers such as Avandia are well known for these types of side effect.
Professor Emanuele Bosi, of a Milan University, said: “Many patients and physicians have come to unfortunately regard the side effects of current therapies as normal and accept them as part of their treatment. These results are very reassuring for patients who have to take medications to treat their diabetes for a long time.”
The study incolved almost 700 patients, and directly tested Galvus against Avandia. Galvus is expected to become a $1 billion-a-year best seller, despite fierce competition from another rival drug, Januvia.
The diabetes drug industry is worth an enormous amount of money to the companies at the top of the game, with fierce competition the norm.

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