Feline diabetes sweeping the UK

A report in the Guardian indicates that feline diabetes is sweeping the UK. Cats, often lethargic and over-fed, are facing soaring rates of the disease, according to warnings by vets.
A study, the first of its type, indicates that one in 230 cats are expected to develop type 2 diabetes. The most common type of cat, the Burmese, is at the greatest risk. Diabetes is an even greater threat to cats with over-active thyroids. As many as 40,000 cats in the UK are diabetic, the study reported.
The study was completed by experts at the Royal School of Veterinary Studies at Edinburgh University. The lead scientist, Danielle Gunn-Moore, commented that obesity was driving the rate. Pets get less exercise and eat more food, apparently.
Gunn-Moore reportedly commented: “Cats used to roam free outside, but now many owners keep them indoors and instead of playing with them to keep them active, they just give them food whenever they miaow.”

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