New fundraiser from American Diabetes Association

A press release from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) indicated that their new 12-week training program for ‘step up to fight diabetes’ is ready to be launched. All participants in the fundraiser will take a 10-mile route, over the course of which they will walk up 25 staircases .
Diabetics from around Great Philadelphia are being urged to join the event, which will be held in the Philadelphia museum of art. A congressman for Pennsylvania, Chaka Fattah, reportedly commented: “Just as it’s so important that all of us are committed to fighting diabetes by participating in this event, we in Congress need to do all we can to commit the federal resources needed to fight diabetes in Philadelphia and communities throughout the country.”
The aim of the fundraiser this year is get over 1,000 people involved, and raise $1 million to fight diabetes. One expert, Mitch Lazar, reportedly commented: “Diabetes is the nation’s fastest-growing disease…by participating in Step Up to Fight Diabetes today, people can challenge themselves physically and work to save the generation of tomorrow.”

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