Digital insulin pen for diabetes

The management of their disease can be overwhelming for many diabetics, particularly those on insulin. Many surveys have shown the importance of keeping blood sugar levels stable, and equally how many diabetic patients fail on this account . A new cutting-edge insulin pen promises to make things easier.
Insulin dosing has to be balanced around meals and exercise, rendering timing and dosage extremely important. The new HumaPe, MEMOIR, together with another Humapen release LUXURA HD, are two new innovations from Humalog that could make medication easier for diabetics in the near future.
MEMOIR has a digital memory, and can track the date, time and amount of the past 16 insulin doses. LUXURA can deliver insulin in half-increment doses, rendering it invaluable for children. Both pens are built to be discreet.
Eli Lilly, who manufactured the pens, conducted a survey that showed two-thirds of patients would appreciate a reusable pen to track the date, time and amount of insulin administered.

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