Transtech Pharmaceutical Incorporated have reacquired the rights to their glucokinase activator program which had previously been in partnership with Novo Nordisk. The Transtech pipeline of future drugs has been significantly strengthened by the purchase.
Novo Nordisk recently said that they are shifting their focus onto the development of protein-based drugs. Transtech have acquired small-molecule clinical and preclinical compounds, as well as the intellectual property rights surrounding the technology . They will pay Novo an upfront lump sum followed by possible milestone and royalty payments .
The founder, chairman and CEO of Transtech, reportedly said: “To get this program back is a dream come true. We’ve wanted to have this program for a long time. We’re thrilled.” He was also stimulated by the potential, commenting: “GK activatio, we believe, is a key switch to the cause of diabetes, as well as the prevention of diabetes. Some initial data we have seen showed you can normalize glucose levels without having the side effects [of hypoglycemia] associated with antidiabetic agents. We do not effect the activation in the pancreas or in the beta cells. These molecules have a very unique profile.”
Mjalli also commented that there was considerable interest from other pharmaceutical firms.

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