Chili peppers and diabetes

Researchers in Canada are looking for a clear link between chili peppers and a cure for diabetes. The Toronto researchers, based at the Indianapolis Riley Hospital for Children, believe that a chemical compounded contained within chili peppers could have a major role to play in curing type 2 diabetes.
The researchers have injected diabetic mice with capsaici, the compound that gives a spicy kick to chili. According to the researchers, the mice were cured of their diabetes. The task now falls on the researchers to carry their work forward into a human study group, and to see if similar positive results can be gleaned.
Dr. Linda DiMeglio, the president of the local chapter of the American Diabetes Association and a key figure in the research, praised the study. She reportedly said: “We have to wait for human studies to see if it works, but it’s certainly a novel approach in something that hadn’t been before explored.”

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